Integration of a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Unit -- Paul Atmos 175 DC


I would like to integrate my Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Unit from Paul Lüftung, the type is an Atmos 175 DC. Currently I’m running Openhab 2.3 on a Raspberry Pi (openhabian) with a Zwave wireless network. My main topic is to control the fan level with a zwave dimmer(?), but for me its not clear how I could manage this.
On you will find an operating manual with a coonection scheme.
My questions:

  • What would be the ideal zwave-dimmer to connect it to the unit?
  • How can i control the level of the fan?

Thank you very much Patrick!

I doubt you can control this system with a dimmer. There is only one interface to use, and this is 4-wire (Appendix 1, X3).
Which kind of Operating Element is installed?

There is a System-BUS-Switch actuator available (pretty sure this will be expensive :wink: ), this would be the best option for complete remote control…

Thank you for your input. In the meantime I contacted the service of the Manufacter. With this actuator the motors of the ventilation can be controlled directly, but then I have to disconnect the control keyboard. I’ll have to think about it.

Can you please explain which system-BUS-switch you mean? I’d consider buying one.

see page 13 from the pdf file you posted the link from. at the bottom of the page, right side…

Operating elements: Version 3: System-BUS-Switch actuator