Integration of Hoval TopTronic E® Devices

Hoval has its new TopTronic E® device series that includes comfort air ventilation, warm water, solar etc. Hoval offers also two types of gateways (KNX and ModBus) to connect TopTronic E® devices to home automation systems. Unfortunately, the gateways cost quite a lot and are not easy to configure. So, some time ago I decided to make the gateway by myself. The Idea is that Hoval devices communicate via CAN-Bus, so I tried to decode this communication and build my own gateway (HW and SW). There is what came out: Project on GitHub. Features:

  • Configurable for all device types, configuration via web interface
  • Support MQTT protocol, Modbus TCP, REST API
  • Support Home Assistant MQTT Discovery (for sensors)
  • Read all device parameters, write/set control values
  • Data logging on SD-Card (optionally)

Successfully tested with TTE-HV (HomeVent ventilation), TTE-WEZ (heating generator), TTE-HKW (heating/warm water), TTE-PS (puffer module), TTE-SOL (solar), TTE-BM (room control unit), TTE-GW (gateway), TTE-FW (long-distance heating). I describe it, hoverer, still as “just for test” version since this is a makeshift solution.

Full description (PDF) in English: Operating_Manual.pdf

(*) TopTronicE® is a registered trademark of Hoval AG.

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