Integration of Payback into Openhab

Hi there,

i have almost no experience in extracting Information from Websites. Maybe someone can help me maybe it’s impossible :slight_smile:

I recently added a Monitoring for Gas and Diesel Prices in my City to openhab. One of the main reasons is, that i want openhab to tell me which gas station is the cheapest at the moment. Now comes the problem:

On of the Gas-companys here in Germany (ARAL) is normally not one of the cheapest gas stations. However, via Payback, there are some offers lige 3x 5x 7x 10x Paybackpoints. This leads to a discount of 1.5c, 2.5c, 3.5c and 5c per litre. Including this Discount, ARAL sometimes is indeed the cheapest gas station.

I am now curious about if and how it would be possible to make openhab log into my payback-account, scan for aral coupons, chose the highest discount available and store it into an item or a variable which will later be substracted from the actual gas price at the Station.
Do any of you have any clues on that?

Thanks a lot in advance


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You could try such with a rule. All depends how the login into the Payback account is done technically and if those coupons can be searched for.