Integration of pellets heater (Hargassner) into home automation

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I am wondering whether anybody already realized an integration of a pellets heater from Hargassner (Nano-PK) into openhab.

Our heater is connected to our LAN and with a dedicated app from Hargassner or via Web browser I can access the heater.
So basically it seems to work but now I am looking to interact directly from my openhab 2.5.x installation with the heater.

Is it possible to read values from the heater e.g. via http-request or can I use any other protocol?

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i also have a Nano-PK and the same question. I bought an internet gateway with the pellet heater too, but as far as i know there is also a licensed firmware needed to enable features like KNX EIB. I#ve read that ist also possible to use mqtt.
The only things i want to do is simple switch from summer to winter mode, set the tempratures and read errors, but for this 250 Euros are a bit to much.

You’ve wrote you can access the heater with a webbrowser. Do you mean at the or locally? In case for the local access, can you give me the url and port?
With openhab i control my thermostats by rules, so it would be nice to check if the pellet heater is in wintermode or not.


Hello Boris,

you are right with the assumption about
I just wanted to mention/explain that there is some communication between the heater and something else via LAN.


I have a Harreither heat pump and I wanted to bring the data into openhab for charting in Grafana. Its connected to the internet and the data is available on the Harreither website.

For similar purposes I already collect data from my Mobile-Alerts sensors . I use two methods for this. One is API request and the other is HTTP caching using curl, HTTP binding and regex transformations ie scraping.

This works for statitc web pages but I found for the Harrerither webpage is a dynamic one and the data I want is fetched via js scripts and not visible by simple caching and scraping.

So, now I am looking at how to get the data from a dynamic site. I started but its not simple to get the components I need installed correctly on my Pi. Selenium , python or Parsehub. If your web page with the data you want is simple static page then you could follow the HTTP caching method. I posted this on the Mobile-Alerts thread here

If someone has gone down the selenium , scrapy etc route then I would be interested to know how to get this working on RaspberryPi with openHAB.


Edit… never mind. I got the heat pump data off the website. Used selenium and chromium-browser in python script which is run via the exec binding to the data into openhab