Integration of Siedle 1+n


I have a Siedle door speach 1+n „CA812“. Is it possible to integrate it into OpenHAB? I think of someting like a „FIBARO FIBEFGS-223 Double Switch 2“, „HomeMatic Funk-Schaltaktor 2fach“ or something similar which can measure whether someone rings the bell. So a rule can be trigger to send a notification or trigger the Homematic 142873A0 HM-OU-CFM-TW Funk-Kombisignalgeber. And than I can open the door of the garden fence via OpenHAB through the Switch.

A solution could be nello one – but there is no binding so far.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Hi, I’m using this: HM-Sen-DB-PCB in combination with a Siedle 2544245 (this is an extension for the phone not the base unit). I don’t know if this can be used with your setup.
For the door itself I use a Nuki Smartlock.

Hi Manuel,
thanks for your reply. I was not aware of this. So one out of two needed things can be done: notification when someone rings the bell. What about opening the door? It looks like this is not possible with the sensor, isnt´t it?
For my door I plan to use the Nuki 2.0 - still figure out, whether it fitt´s on my door.
But for my garden fence I need the “Siedle-Ugrade”.

No, the sensor only detects a “ring” and you can do with it what you want. I have it connected to a HM-OU-CF-PI (“Funk-Türgong”) a Sonos and a Amazon Echo Show 2.

The door can be unlocked and opened with the help of my Nuki 2.0. So I can not only unlatch the door but really unlock it too.

I believe the following project works with the 1+n system; (some soldering required).

This is an interesting project, but as I stated above: it can only ‘unlatch’ the door but not ‘unlock’ it.
So if your door is locked (by key) you won’t be able to open the door. This can be only done with the help of a smartlock.

for me this would be fine. for my door I plan to use a nuki. but what I am looking for is a solution for the door of my garden fence, which is connected with the siedle 1+n.
so I have to decide whether I want to fiddle with this small bits an peaces… :wink:

there is hack here: