Integration Smart Meter Geteway (SMGW) in openHAB

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I have a Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW) from Open Limit Sign Cubes AG / Power Plus Communications AG in our house (delivered from bayernwerk in Germany).

I’m not sure what are the right protocols to search for an integration: TRuDI, HAN oder Smart Meter Gateway?

Is it possible to integrate the SMGW in openHAB? Is it possible with this binding: SmartMeter - Bindings | openHAB?

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No ideas for integrating a Smart Meter Gateway in openHAB?

Hey Reinhard,
It really depends what are connection options for your gateway. There are multiple smart meters and metering standards (m-bus, wireless m-bus, cosem, country specific meter protocols). Some of them are supported directly in openHAB, some come in third party addons, some are not supported at all.
I did for example implement integration for Relay Weblog gateway for our customer cause he plan to have it in several installations.
If you have an interest in support for a specific hardware then you can start from collecting materials on how to “talk” to gateway or meter so others will be able to advice you how to approach whole thing. For example you could try to scrap data over http from admin interface of gateway (if it shows most recent read outs).

According to this presentation:

There is an working integration. Not sure if its coming from vendor or someone else.

One more material I found is in german, but I can’t judge if it does answer any questions:ür-Verbraucher_v.4.1.pdf


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Thank you, Łukasz. I’ll take a look on it. Best regards!

Did you see which kind of binding they are using in the Smart Systems Conference?

Hey @eidelsburger,
Materials do not include any information where binding is published. It looks to me like a proof of concept work which have been done for demonstration purposes. I’d recommend contacting author of presentation who is listed on the last slide. You can ask him about this integration status directly. Maybe it is still in the works? :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your help @splatch! I sent an e-mail to the two persons in den presntation.

Did you have any luck?

Hi @thomas, I have not received any answer yet. :frowning: