Integration Smoke Detectors MERTEN MEG5480

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: _Raspberry Pi 3 (planned)
    • OS: none (planning stage)
    • Java Runtime Environment: none (planning stage)
    • openHAB version: none (planning stage)

Hello @ all,
first of all thanx for setting up this helpful community which i already used a lot for gathering information.

Since i’m planning to implement an openHAB solution for my house step by step (sensor by sensor :wink: ) i’d like to start implementing what is already there.

My home is equipped with Merten MEG5480 wireless smoke detectors which do communicate with each other. I just have no clue how i can make these smoke detectors talk to openHAB and what would be possible events to communicate. My wish would be to forward alerts in case of smoke/fire separated by room and alerts for low battery.
I know that buying more suitable detectors would be the easiest way but:

  • they were expensive and i do have 12 pcs running :smile:
  • they were the only choice that was accepted by my significant other (in optical appearance)
  • they’re only 2 years old so still 8 years for replacment

What do i need to get them talking to openHAB?

Thanx a lot in advance for your help, Ivo

I don’t read German so my ability to search and review is limited but as far as I can tell is there is no API and therefore there is no way to integrate them with OH short of reverse engineering the wireless signal and creating a wireless device plugged into your computer to read those wireless signals.

There is nothing off the shelf that will get these working with OH.

They do sell a relay module which can be controlled by the 868MHz protocol that the smoke detectors use.

This is mains powered but closes contacts of simple relay when it received a signal.


I normally connect this sort of thing up to an Arduino and use MQTT to communicate with the RPi running openHAB but you could use the RPi GPIO pins directly.