Interesting project: Home Assistant

Recently, I stumbled across an interesting project: Home Assistant. It is written in Python but has some similarities in concept with OpenHAB. Perhaps we can port some of the code to new bindings.


I need only 24MB ram und run mutch faster on Raspberry. Now it support also homematic with autodiscovery. I’ll uninstall openhab and use HA now. Thanks for your link

OpenHab2 is a beta or alpha since 2-3 years and I need restart my openhab while it’s java. OpenHab1 run with a lot of troubles there wan’t be fix.

Looks nice but as with all other systems I know of, no support for Nikobus.

So anybody has experience with HA? Looking at github - they provide fresh releases almost every day and now number of bindings seems to supersede openhab’s one.

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Tried it. It’s great. New releases rolling out like hot cakes and it’s not only bug fixes. Rule engine looks really promising. And looks way easier than OH one. And home automation is all about the rules. Right? UI is also pretty fresh and nice.

Drawbacks - if you consider openhab config files complicated - try this. You’ll love OH after that. Getting the frontend nice and beautiful will require quite an effort rewriting in different places of config as item settings are scattered all around the place (icon for example will go to global overrides section).
Some components although there are just plugs with almost zero functaonality. For example Onkyo receiver support - only provides volume, on/off and source select. That’s it.
Others on the same hand are great. So it’s worth running two systemsand decide which one will suite you.

Why would someone compare the two solutions? They are conceptually different! There is no comparison (and I did try both)!
Moreover, this is the OH community forum, not the “all solutions” forum! Thanks in advance!

I also tried HA for a small period, and while it appears great ended up shifting back to OH2 as well. HA seems nice and seems sort of a middle ground between a purchased solution and a homebuild. While OH2 is for the ‘tinkerer’ who likes to play keep playing with things.

I’m sticking with OH2 for now, but will maybe revisit HA in a few months to give it another go around.

Well it’s always worth checking alternatives. New HA platforms are growing like mashrooms after rain and OH IMHO starts loosing it’s positions - people want stable platforms with easy graphical setup and documentation, nice GUI’s, new bindings… and where is OpenHAB? Since I’m here everyone is talking about OH2 which doesn’t look to be ready for release for several months…while 1.8 stopped in development. So all these makes people looking at side.

As every open source project, the outcome should be the effort of the community! You can sit back and relax, and wait for somebody to do something! Criticizing is an option when you are in the creation process! Ask people that have done something, such as @maintainers, and not only! Just for the record: I have not once contributed to the code (just used it), I do think that we all here have to give back what we have used as open source!

I can only speak from someone that just played around with both systems. Also keep in mind that I don’t do well with programming or understanding the logic, but really good with cut and paste. I just recently setup an HA system when the Harmony plugin broke for version 1.8.3 I have to say that I really like how proactive they are with some of the newer technology. I was drawn to the Automatic Car Adapter plugin as well as the Thinking Cleaner plugin that gives wifi support to Roomba vacuums. The integration with various routers such as the ASUS is nice as well. So there is a lot of attraction there. But the biggest hurdle is that there are 3 or 4 different ways that the system can be installed, none follows the same structure/path. For the advanced amateur it’s really hard to adapt some code from one setup to the next. Documentation is poor in my opinion. Folks on the board are nice, but don’t explain things for us noobs and cut/paste experts. I’ve been monitoring this software even before there was an X-10 solution available, So I’ve been here for a while. I really like OpenHab better and seem like I understand it a little more than HA. At this point, I am just trying to figure out which one of these systems will be here for the long haul. And beleive me, if I was talented enough to code, I would certainly contribute to plugins myself starting with the Automatic and Thinking Cleaner.

This is an OH forum where we as part of the community discuss OH and as such we can compare it to other solutions as well. No offense.
OH is great but the speed of fixing some bugs (like the setpoint bug in 1.8.2… Reported March 2016. Fixed in 1.8.3 released - May 2016) or the “Script interpreter couldn’t be obtain” in OH2 making most of the rules unusable. Reported jun 16. Fixed september 2016.
Pityfully after a month with HA i can say to me it looks as more stable and the development pace is incredible. Hopefully will see an OH2 stable release in the near future to try it out.

Can you specify which Roomba models you have in mind? I have the 770 and 650 Roomba models which I couldn’t successfully integrate.

@stefaanbolle Stefaan what are you currently using, have you switched ?

I keep on using Openhab. As far as I know it is the only HA platform that talks with nikobus

I tired HA about one year ago, I really liked the interface and all the bindings, but configuring it and making rules was amazingly complex. I think it’s only the minority that uses rules. I think HA choice to use yaml as configuration language makes it impossible to make it work.
Also I really like the gui based configuration in OH.

I would really like to use the HA interface based on OH objects and having my rules in node red. :slight_smile:

there is an example of an rule, of cause you can learn this, but no debugging information(at least back then) but so difficult to read and you have to correct number of spaces in your code:

    # Turns on lights 1 hour before sunset if people are home
    # and if people get home between 16:00-23:00
      - alias: 'Rule 1 Light on in the evening'
          # Prefix the first line of each trigger configuration
          # with a '-' to enter multiple
          - platform: sun
            event: sunset
            offset: '-01:00:00'
          - platform: state
            entity_id: group.all_devices
            to: 'home'
          # Prefix the first line of each condition configuration
          # with a '-'' to enter multiple
          - condition: state
            entity_id: group.all_devices
            state: 'home'
          - condition: time
            after: '16:00:00'
            before: '23:00:00'
          # With a single service call, we don't need a '-' before service - though you can if you want to
          service: homeassistant.turn_on
          entity_id: group.living_room

you can program in Python too

you just revived a 2 yr old thread.
But now you did, OH now also has what the poster asked for, a new HA-like GUI in OH3.