Interface simple temperature probe to OH (DS18B20 + ESP8266?)

I need to monitor the temperature of the central heating return pipe to my boiler. The outbound flow temperature is sent from my boiler interface but for some reason the return isn’t. I thought I could glue a DS18B20 1-wire temperature probe to the return pipe just before it enters the boiler. But what hardware/software should I use? I have a spare raspberry PI but that seems overkill for such a small job.

Does anyone have any recommendations/experiences? Is there something I can run on an ESP8266 that can send the temperature via MQTT for example?

Wemos D1 with Tasmota:

Possibly the easiest way.
Flash the firmware
Connect the DS probe
Configure the pins on the interface
Configure mqtt
And the device will send readings regularely (configurable of course) via MQTT
There are many examples on the forum about tasmota

I myself have wired a WemosD1 inside the service panel of my frige and report the opening of doors and the temperatures of the fridge and freezer via MQTT
Alarms will go off if doors are left opened for more than a minute and also if the temperatures are above a set value for more than a set time.

Other firmwares available

That’s great info, thanks! I knew of the Tasmota software in the context of the Sonoff switches but didn’t realise it could be used in this way with an ESP8266.

I happen to have a Wemos D1 already and have ordered some DS18B20s, hopefully they’ll arrive tomorrow.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

just one note for Tasmota, DS18B20 is not enabled by default in any released bin files. You have to compile your own and enable this feature in your configuration file before compiling.
Not a big deal, but if you are not familiar with compiling own binaries, make sure you read some guides first

(it might be covered by DS18x20 module, you have to check)

see section features:

The DS18B20 are now enable in the default sonoff.bin release.

Not sure

USE_DS18B20 - - - - - - Single sensor
USE_DS18x20 - - x x x x Multiple sensors

but as I said, maybe it’s covered by DS18x20 already

Yes, it is. I connected my two ds probes and it worked out of the box. A single one will work to