Interface Switch To Ignore Rules


I’ve got some zwave appliances up and running with a few rules all working great. One of the rules in the front room is to turn on the lights when a sensor detects movement. This is great, except for when I want the lights to be off when I’m in the room (i.e. watching a movie or something!).

How can I go about allowing for this scenario in my setup? Could I have a switch on my interface which ignores the “turn on lights” rule? Are there any examples?

Thanks for any help!

You would use a Switch item something like this:

Switch WatchingMovie { however you determine that }
rule MotionLights
  Item MotionSensor changed to OPEN
  if (WatchingMovie.state != ON) {


Thanks for the reply. So if I want item to work purely as a switch I can just leave the binding “{ }” empty?

I usually remove the whole { } section altogether, if the switch never gets its state from, or sends commands to, a binding.

Ah thanks!