Intergas Incomfort Lan2RF rules

Guido, I am impressed with what you did. I have an Lan2RF as well and i used your files and had immediate connection with my CV.
However, though I get the current temperature fine, it seems I am unable to set the temperature. I mean my openhab application will happily ‘set’ a temperature, but my CV doesnt seem to get it.
Is there anything you can suggest I check.

The heater number you use - ```

is that actually correct for any heater.
Thanks for your help

I’m glad someone can use it!
I had it working only for a few weeks, then the responsiveness went backwards and finally I couldn’t connect to te Lan2RF module at all. At thar moment the app from Intergas could also only get part of the data. I received a new Lan2RF, but that one suffered the same after a while. I think the module cannot handle so many connections. But I didn’t want to slow down the responsiveness.
Why the domoticz users don’t suffer these problems, I don’t know.
I stopped using the device and started using the OTGW. There is also a binding for that.
The only down side of this, is that the LAN2RF also gives me water pressure independent of the thermostat, while the OTGW can only show or control the parameters that your boiler ánd thermostat can control and show. Keeping the Lan2RF alive didn’t help me there either.
For me, this means I cannot see water pressure.
There may be a solution for that using a special text command, but I never found how to do that. But that is something I might work on info a separate topic.

Oh, and @Earl_Alnot has updated my code and offered to put it online. But I never got a message. I don’t know if he is till active?

Thank you. Will give OTHW a try… but couldnt find the binding yet, other than an experimental one from a year ago. Will look further

I just discovered there is also a module which integrates to zwave, but it’s twice as expensive! See the List of shops that sell this.

The OTGW-binding I use is supposedly an experimental one, but the current version, 0.8 is working very well. See the OTG-thread.
I did have to change some things in the items they suggest and also I changed the way the room temperature setpoint is handled which I described in post 108 of the above topic.

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I found the problem setting the Setpoint: i had wrong IP in my rule. Still a bit slow

got ahold of the manual.good info too :slight_smile:
Will check OTGW
Thanks again

For me it took between 30 seconds and a minute to get the new setpoint.

Tnx, yes, it is not very fast.
as far as some settings go, like tapwater temp and max CV temp, I think what the json is giving back, might be a bit different from what is being set on the thermostat itself, but it surely is an interesting thing to look into
my CV and LAN2RF are intergas, thermostat is honeywell.
Anyway, will look a bit furter into it, still using the first config files you published. Will go through the suggestions made in this post to see what can be improved