Intergas Incomfort

Hi everyone,
I am reading a lot about openhab and z-wave but it is a long way from where I am to understanding all the possibilities and their quirks.
Now I see there is no binding for the Intergas Incomfort module yet. It is a bit like the openterm gateway, but with a tool that is supplied with my boiler. There are some people, Jeroen van Zeist and Wim Dijkema, that made scripts available in Domoticz. Their implementation is what I would like to achive too, but in openhab. He made several virtual switches and setpoint that interact with his 3 scripts. These are Lua-scripts. Is there a fairly easy way to use these scripts in Openhab? Or would this involve learning a new programming-language that can be used in openhab, and reverse engineering these lua-scripts to put it in the openhab-compatible language?

It largely depends on how independently these Lua scripts can operate. If they can only run because they require a lot of stuff from Domoticz then you will have to figure out how to separate the Domoticz stuff from the Intergas stuff which might be quite a challenge.

Once you are able to make these scripts run independently then you can use the Exec binding or executeCommandLine to run these scripts from OH. Or, you can add the capability to the scripts to publish and subscribe directly with OH using OH’s REST API or MQTT.

If I understand your reply correctly, Lua scripts will run with openhab, but the scripts should be modified to connect with openhab in the right sintax. That means that I will have to reverse engineer the scripts and adapt.
If one would make such a script from scratch, in what language would that be? Or would you do it with rules and http-get statements?

Incorrect. Lua scripts can be run from the command line but the scripts need to be changed so they no longer depend on anything from Domoticz. You should be able to type lua myLuaScript.lua and your script executes properly. OH has the ability to execute programs like you do from the command line.

It depends on what that these Lua scripts must do to interact with the device. If it is all simple web based REST calls then Rules and the HTTP Actions and/or HTTP binding may be sufficient. If it requires complicated authentication or authorization you might need to create a new binding which would be written in Java. As mentioned, OH can execute anything from the command line so it can execute shell scripts, python scripts, lua scripts, or anything else you can do from the command line.

Thank you for your reply.
I will go through thy scripts and see if it all makes sense to me. There is also a file called JSON.lua which I think is great but it will complicate things for me because it’s yet another technique to understand but I’ll try.
If anybody with more programming skills is also interested in this, please let me know.