Intermatic HA04- no auto discovered channel

Moving from OH1 to OH2, my Intermatic HA04C outdoor lighting module did not come up with an auto generated channel. Does this mean that it is not in the OH2 Zwave Database?

What does the thing get names in OH2? Is it correctly discovered but has not channels, or is it not actually discovered?

There is an HA04C in the database, so I guess it should be there but maybe yours is different…

It was discovered, but no channels are listed in the configuration>things section of PaperUI.

What does this mean? A device can be discovered even if it’s not in the database - this is why I was asking what names it gets.

Can you provide the XML please and I’ll take a look.

Sorry, didn’t understand the question.

Here is the name from PaperUI

Z-Wave Node 34: HA-04C Outdoor Module

I’m not at home now, I’ll get the XML when I am.

node34.xml (3.0

@chris, attached is the .xml file for this node.

I don’t see anything that would prevent this showing up with a single Switch channel. The XML shows the command class exists, and the configuration shows a single switch is configured so I’m a bit confused as to why this isn’t showing up.

Can you provide a screenshot of the channels section in HABmin when selecting this device?

Well, here it is… but there is no channel section.

I’m going to remove and include it from the ZStick. I had a few items seem to go astray when moving form OH1 to OH2. Maybe a re-inclusion will sort it out. I’ll let you know.

Removing and including it probably won’t help. I would try and just delete the thing and add it back in for starters. That will ensure it picks up the thing definition from the database again.


Remove and adding back in did the trick. Not sure why it didn’t pick it up the first time but this time it worked. Thanks for the great support as usual @chris!