Intermatic HA07 tabletop controller - any way to interface?

hey there. I’m trying to get the Intermatic HA07 z-wave controller to talk to openHAB. I see that it’s been used with other systems aka SmartThings Hub and Casa Verde.

I tried replicating the instructions with openHAB:
Press the Include button in HABmin

Press and Hold INCLUDE for 10 seconds on the HA07. The screen says COPY
Press and release Channel 1 OFF/DIM on the HA07.

the instructions for casaverde:

Instructions for SmartThings

I’d love to use these remotes with my openHAB server, they are very simalar to my old X10 desktop controllers and not easily lost like the TV remote style ones. Anyone got ideas?

I do not see this device in the zwave database:

If you have the manual you can request an account and add it yourself, or @chris can add it. There is usually only a one or two day turnaround from asking and the device being included in the nightly builds.

sure! i have all the documentation that came with it, I found the manual online at:

I’m not sure what is needed to get this added to the DB however if he needs one they are like $12 on amazon would not mind passing alone some funds to get one in his hands. They are cool little remotes! not seen anything else that’s designed for the tabletop.

I created an account on that site and do not see an add button - is there a review process before being allowed to do so?

If you go to Z-Wave -> Device Database -> Device List there is a green
"Add" button in the upper right.

I do not know what sorts of reviews Chris does before accepting an entry.

No, but the instructions do say -:

To use the database you must first register on the site, then email to have your access updated to allow you to edit the information.


I’ve given you access, so you should be good to go…

Thanks! I do now see the button and am able to add a device.

What does it mean by References? I have the manual (linked in the PDF) but do not see any of this information in it. It will not let me save the device without a reference entry.

Thanks again for the help!

The references come from the device - it’s the type/Id that you will see mentioned in various places.

You should use the XML file generated by OH - if you upload that it will fill in a lot of information such as the end points, command classes, device classes, and references…

Just an update - it does not seem these devices will pair with an existing Zwave network. They are sold to be the master controller for their own network. I have not been able to get the XML because the device never successfully pairs in the first place.

Thank you for the assistance, If i figure out anything more i’ll update the thread.