Internal call via FritzBox

Hi All,

I am using FritzBox 7490 to do an internal call to our entrance door.
The entrance door is connected with an a/b-module, which takes the call.

I am now looking for a smart solution to let openHAB to initiate this call.
I saw the possibilities of Asterix and FreeSwitch, but both looking a bit complex for my project.

Does anyone have other ideas, which might could help? Ideally I could use the FritzBox Binding, which I have already installed.

Thanks in advance

i tried the same for a long time and had no sucess. when i had asterisk running on my raspberry, at least i was not able to execute commands due to user right issues…so i gave it up, but really would be interesstet if someone could share a running example with the code.
so i restarted this project with an arduino, and a bit of c++ code - compiled this via visual studio to the arduino. now i’m able to send a mqtt message to the arduino, and because it’s a sip client on the fritzbox, it makes the call. cool but not perfect, because it requires an additional bit of hardware.
the fritzbox binding itself is not able to do calls.


I’ve got a FritzBox Fon too and have been pondering something like this for ages.

But alas, no solution yet, as I just don’t have the programming skills.

It looks like sip browser plugins don’t work, but I did have some luck with a Tapi solution years ago with another project, is that an angle to look at?

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Hi Andreas,

Sounds promising. As I have an ESP8266 laying around, so it could be worth to do the trick. Also MQTT is up and running.

I am not that good in programming, but I am perfect in copying solutions and adapt them to my needs.

Would you be will to share your code with me?

Thanks and Merry Christmas

new move here. since “fritzconnection” is avaivable, install it on the raspi, exec binding…and you have it all

Oh great, after a quick look, it sound really promissing to me.

Please can someone tell me, how i can install this fritzconnection on a linux debian server installation?

Python is installed already.