Internet-available unlock for an electric gate strike

I’ve got everything in my home pretty well automated now except for the gate strike at the exterior front gate. The gate installer suggested using an Insteon hub, but (1) that’s really old technology, (2) I don’t need an entirely new home network just to unlock the front gate, and (3) the Insteon security is not on par with the rest of my locked-down Wifi IoT. I’ve got an August Doorbell Cam at the front gate for communications, but unfortunately the August lock (which I’m using elsewhere) isn’t approved for exterior locations.

Any suggestions on how to automate the electric strike?

Most electric gates have a contact that you can “close” that will open/close the gate.

I use a Wemos D1 Mini with a relay board to activate the contact. I also have a magnetic reed switch connected up that lets me know if the gate is open or closed.

I’m assuming though that the gate is yours and not a shared gate so you are allowed to do this kind of thing?

I’ve used a Fibaro zwave relay - works very reliably.