Internet of Things at Stack Exchange

Just thought I’d share a link to the new Internet of Things site on Stack Exchange (the company that runs Stack Overflow, Super User, etc.) which is in private beta in case anyone’s interested.

If you want to join in asking/answering some questions related to the Internet of Things, home automation (including openHAB!) or connected devices, that would be fantastic, since the site might not launch fully into public beta if activity drops too much.

Since it’s in private beta like I mentioned, you have to go to the site proposal page, click ‘Visit’ and then sign up (or log in, if you already have an account on a Stack Exchange site) - it’s a little bit inconvenient (and probably sounds a bit like I’m trying to sell something!) but the site should be public soon.

So, if a Stack Overflow-style site for IoT sounds good, please come along and help us get the site off the ground, even if you only want to look around and vote on a few things!