Intersection character encoding on Windows


I have an OH3.2.0.M1 installation on Windows. I am trying to use the intersection character to join transformations (∩). I checked the org.openhab.core.thing.Thing.json file and the encoding is UTF8. If I type this character into the transformation then it gets saved as “?” in the file and on the next restart the transformations are not working (as the intersection character gets changed to a “?”).

Any idea what should I change in order to get this character stored properly in the db? I tried to manually overwrite in the file but in that case on the next start it is even more messed up.


Type where? Are you editing xxx.things files with some editor? Are you using MainUI in some browser?

I wish it was easy

you can bring up the emoji toolbar by pressing WIN + ;
Then navigate to symbol

Let me know if you find easier way

Please be aware that there are two different symbols which look very similar : ∩ and ⋂ (really annoying)
tbh I always copy&paste the correct symbol directly from mqtt channel incomming transformation help text: ∩

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In case you know how the symbol is being called you can look up the unicode explanation:
e.g. “∩” U+2229 Intersection Unicode Character
or “⋂” U+22C2 N-Ary Intersection Unicode Character
Such a page provide the keycode you can enter.
For the first one in a linux environment it would be CTRL+SHIFT+u then type 2229 then hit the enter button.

For windows 10 a set of methods is described here: How to Type Unicode Characters on Windows 10 - La De Du

A bit off topic - with regard to similar looking unicode characters:
This kind of homoglyphs are being used for phishing attacks:

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