Intertechno Binding CUL Queue

Hi Guys,

I am using openHAB 2 with the Intertechno binding to switch 433Mhz outlets using a nanoCUL running a-culfw which works like a charm.

Unfortunately I do have some stability issues: The nanoCUL I am using crashes on a regular basis. As it seems, the CUL queues up multiple commands nicely, as long as the commands are issued in one OpenHAB rule (ie “thread”).
If another OpenHAB thread tries to send using the CUL while it is still busy the queue seems not to work and the CUL crashes. It then refuses to work till the next reboot.
This happens - for example - when I turn on and off a homematic switch that is connected to a Intertechno outlet with a rule in rapid succession.

Can anybody confirm this behavior?
Is there a way to find out in OpenHAB whether the CUL is busy or not?


You can create a ReentrantLock (search the forum for lots of examples) and use that lock around all your CUL rules.

  • You will want to make sure all interactions with the CUL go through a rule
  • All CUL rules must be in the same file
  • All CUL rules start with acquiring the lock, doing the work, then releasing the lock.

Doing the above will prevent more than one Rule from accessing the CUL at a time.

Hi Lukas,

maybe it’s a little bit late, but it seems, you’ve the same problem than me. I’ve filed a pullrequest and I would appreciate, if you can test my changes.
Please take a look at this post.