Intertechno Binding not showing OH2

Hello everyone!

today I switched from FHEM to OH2, so I am a total newbie here. I installed OH2 via openHABian.
So everything is perfectly setup for my first few steps…
I didn’t really go far…
under Paper UI I installed the Intertechno binding, which didn’t appear like the hue binding in bindings tab. I thought nevermind lets look under the hood.
Curiously under /openhab2/services the “culintertechno.cfg” was created which I edited to my needs.
and under /openhab2/items I created an item file for my switch.
Now my problem, back in Paper UI the item shows up but still not my binding , so I am not able to make “thing”?. I hope i got that right so far. Did anyone else have that problem and could kindly show me the right way?

Intertechno is a 1.9 version binding. Only 2.0 version bindings support Things. To create an Item for the 1.9 Intertechno binding see:

You cannot create Items bound to 1.9 version bindings through PaperUI.

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