Invalid color at a roller shutter

I received the first time these interesting warnings:

    2017-08-23 11:32:35.623 [WARN ] [.commandclass.ZWaveColorCommandClass] - NODE 4: Invalid color 10
    2017-08-23 11:32:35.665 [WARN ] [.commandclass.ZWaveColorCommandClass] - NODE 4: Invalid color 14
    2017-08-23 11:32:35.709 [WARN ] [.commandclass.ZWaveColorCommandClass] - NODE 4: Invalid color 15

The device is a Fibaro FGRM222 Roller Shutter. I can’t see any useful relation between the message and the device…

:joy: wtf?
Can you post your *.items file ?

Please can you post a debug log showing the received messages that are causing this.

The issue here won’t be related to the items definitions - this means that a colour command has been received from the device and the binding doesn’t know the colour since (from memory) ZWave only defines colours from 1 to 8 or 9.

Hi BrutalBirdie,

here you have the items. Why do you think there could be a relation?

Switch				cWoZi_RolladenWest							"Rolladen Wohnzimmer West Auf/Zu"							<rollershutter>	(gWohnzimmer,gRolladen) { channel="zwave:device:gehirn:node4:switch_binary" }
Rollershutter	dWoZi_RolladenWest							"Rolladen Wohnzimmer West %"									<rollershutter>	(gWohnzimmer,gRolladen) { channel="zwave:device:gehirn:node4:blinds_control", config_invert_percent="true", config_invert_control="false" }
Number				nWoZi_RolladenWestStrom					"Rolladen Wohnzimmer West Strom [%.2f kWh]"						<line>	(gStromverbrauch)				{ channel="zwave:device:gehirn:node4:meter_kwh" }

Hi Chris,

I’ve activated the debug log now. Let’s see when it happens again, for now it has been only once.
Thanks for assistance

Until now the message didn’t come up again.
What ever it was…