Invalid command syntax?

I recived data from the windsensor like this:
2016-06-08 13:48:10.275 [DEBUG] [.b.r.internal.RFXComConnection] - Data received:
Raw data = 105604F49516013B0009000A00D600D669

  • Packet type = WIND
  • Seq number = 244
  • Sub type = TFA
  • Id = 38166
  • Wind direction = 315.0
  • Wind speed = 1.0
  • Average Wind speed = 0.9
  • Temperature = 21.400000000000002
  • Chill Factor = 21.400000000000002
  • Signal level = 6
  • Battery level = 9

The only parameter i can get is the Temperature with this item:
Number Vind_temp " [%.1f]" { rfxcom="<38166:Temperature" }

I have tried different version, for instance:
rfxcom="<38166:Chill" and { rfxcom="<38166:Average_Wind_speed" }

Any suggestion to get the other values?

I notice that Temperature is the only field that doesn’t have a space in the name. I’ve no experience with rfxcom but that is the first thing that stands out to me. Have you tried rfxcom="<38166:Average Wind speed"?

Yes, I saw that to, but I’ve tried all the kinds of syntax, but I think it is a special set of commands in Packet Type=Wind, I found the command for speed = WindSpeed … tried AverageWind in every ways ;(
There is also other Packet types like TEMPERATURE_HUMIDITY, RAIN etc… but I have not found this info.
In the RFXcom binding info its only mentioned oneword values for sensorvalues…

You might try to set the binding logging to TRACE to see what comes by.

If that does not deliver proper results you might consider the RFXCMD tool from or

EDIT: Or have a look at the source code:



THANKS a LOT :wink: there it was ;):wink:

What was the actual solution? If you post all of us can refer to it later.

Ohh sorry, it was in the code, all the valid parameters (in qoutes) :smile::

RAW_DATA(“RawData”, StringItem.class),
SHUTTER(“Shutter”, RollershutterItem.class),
COMMAND(“Command”, SwitchItem.class),
MOOD(“Mood”, NumberItem.class),
SIGNAL_LEVEL(“SignalLevel”, NumberItem.class),
DIMMING_LEVEL(“DimmingLevel”, DimmerItem.class),
TEMPERATURE(“Temperature”, NumberItem.class),
HUMIDITY(“Humidity”, NumberItem.class),
HUMIDITY_STATUS(“HumidityStatus”, StringItem.class),
CHIME_SOUND(“ChimeSound”, NumberItem.class),
BATTERY_LEVEL(“BatteryLevel”, NumberItem.class),
PRESSURE(“Pressure”, NumberItem.class),
FORECAST(“Forecast”, StringItem.class),
RAIN_RATE(“RainRate”, NumberItem.class),
RAIN_TOTAL(“RainTotal”, NumberItem.class),
WIND_DIRECTION(“WindDirection”, NumberItem.class),
WIND_SPEED(“WindSpeed”, NumberItem.class),
WIND_AVSPEED(“WindAvSpeed”, NumberItem.class),
UV(“UV”, NumberItem.class),
GUST(“Gust”, NumberItem.class),
CHILL_FACTOR(“ChillFactor”, NumberItem.class),
INSTANT_POWER(“InstantPower”, NumberItem.class),
TOTAL_USAGE(“TotalUsage”, NumberItem.class),
INSTANT_AMPS(“InstantAmps”, NumberItem.class),
TOTAL_AMP_HOURS(“TotalAmpHours”, NumberItem.class),
INSTANT_ENERGY(“InstantEnergy”, NumberItem.class),
CHANNEL1_AMPS(“Channel1Amps”, NumberItem.class),
CHANNEL2_AMPS(“Channel2Amps”, NumberItem.class),
CHANNEL3_AMPS(“Channel3Amps”, NumberItem.class),
POWER_FACTOR(“PowerFactor”, NumberItem.class),
STATUS(“Status”, StringItem.class),
WEIGHT(“Weight”, NumberItem.class),
MOTION(“Motion”, SwitchItem.class),
CONTACT(“Contact”, ContactItem.class),
CONTACT_1(“Contact1”, ContactItem.class),
CONTACT_2(“Contact2”, ContactItem.class),
CONTACT_3(“Contact3”, ContactItem.class),
VOLTAGE(“Voltage”, NumberItem.class),
SET_POINT(“SetPoint”, NumberItem.class),
DATE_TIME(“DateTime”, DateTimeItem.class),
FREQUENCY(“Frequency”, NumberItem.class);

I missed it but saw it now.