Invalid item type 'SwitchItem' when adding item to Z-wave device


I just upgraded to the latest nightly build of openhab2 and openhabmin. After some issues I decided to make it a fresh install (Removed the openhabmin folder and added the nightly openhab2 offline folders back)

After adding my z-wave devices and try to create the item to control the device, openhabmin displays:
Error saving item Switch
No Response

If I look in the logs:
09:34:09.569 [WARN ] [] - Received HTTP PUT request at ‘items/zwave_device_156ad390bfb_node10_switch_binary’ with an invalid item type ‘SwitchItem’.

If I use simple mode it seems to work, but I would prefer to not use simple mode

Any advice?


Ah - this is a change that was made in ESH and merged in with the update yesterday. They changed the name of item types used in the REST interface to remove Item - so it needs to change to Switch - not SwitchItem.

I’ll need to update HABmin to solve this.

Hopefully this will be fixed with the following change -:

If you spot any further issues, please let me know as it’s always possible I’ve not caught everything.

That fixed it. Thank you