Inverse rollershutter icons

Sorry if this topic was talked before but I didn’t found it.
I have some blinds with sonoff dual with Tasmota from StefanBode, and are working well, but the icon of blinds in Sitemap it shows inverted. When the blind is close it shows open and reverse. Somebody can tell me how to change this?

Thanks in advance.

Short answer: You can use a transformation to invert the value.

For the long answer a think we need more information:
What binding are you using for you rollershutter?
Item and things configuration by file or by UI ?

If it’s MQTT 2 there is an “incoming trasformation” setting on the channel level, otherwise you can apply it in the sitemap.

The transformation could be done with a .js file placed in the transform directory of openhab

Take a look at this post there is the working transformation .js file, it was done for the shelly but it should work as well.

The Tasmota fork from Stefan Bode offers an invert parameter. No need to do this in openHAB :slight_smile:

Command is ShutterInvert 1

Sure? If I put this command I will need to invert the cables or only invert the status in the OH icon?

This command is: instead of open==100 and closed==0 it's open==0 and closed ==100 (that’s the way openHAB does the status)
There is nothing else changed, only status (and the accorging commands, so shutterposition 100 will result in a closed shutter instead of an open shutter).

But, the time to Open and Close putted with Shutteropen and Shutterclose will change?

No, why should it? close is close, open is open, only 0 is 100 and 100 is 0 :wink:

I did, and invert the direction, but the number beside de appears as Tasmota, not OH

Don’t invert the direction, only use ShutterInvert 1 (see Wiki for details)

If you use ShutterInvert 1 you will change also the “harware” buttons.
eg. if Shutterbutton1 was configured to shutterbutton1 1 up 1 1 and shutterbutton1 2 down 1 1 you have to use the commands shutterbutton1 1 down 1 1 and shutterbutton1 2 up 1 1

No? At least that’s not true for me. I’m using 2-gang Sonoff-T1, and ShutterInvert does only change the numbering (i.e. upper position is 0 and lower position is 100, instead of default behaviour in Tasmota (up=100, down =0)

and I’m only using UP/DOWN/STOP or number 0 to 100 as commands, no shutterbutton1 1 down 1 1