Invert Open\Close for Window Sensor [Zwave]

is there an supported way to invert a channel?
for some devices channels support invert (like fibaro roller

i have a door sensor in a garage that I would like to invert.


There might be a property on the device you can change to invert the readings. Edit the Thing in PaperUI and go to properties.

If not, you will need to create a Design Pattern: Proxy Item and Rule to flip the values.

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thanks @rlkoshak
I got that and was looking how to actually add a information like that to the DB
but it seems that “invert” stuff is not in the DB?
since I am about to switch to manual thing config (at least I want to)… there might be still the possibility like in 1.8 … in the thing syntax?

example for roller shutter

The DB contains whatever the manufacturer of the device says it can do. So if the manufacturer put an invert property in the device, it will appear in PaperUI. If they did not then adding it to the database won’t do anything.

What you are looking at here are configuration parameters for the channel. It is not related to a device, but it handled in the binding. This is for a multilevel switch, but such parameters are not available for just any channel type, and are not available for alarms.