Invert percentage on zwave item for Alexa

is it possible to invert the percentage of an item linked to a zwave channel?
Dimmer Serranda_Cucina_Alexa_Proxy {channel="zwave:device:60d32216:node5:blinds_control"}

The percentage of the blind is corrected configured, but if I try to control it with alexa, I should invert the behaviour of the RolleShutter (connected to alexa through the Dimmer item), so I mean if is possible to change the percentage only for this item?

Using a proxy Item and rule, yes.

using proxy is ok what is the best logic in the rule to inver the behaviour?

What have you tried? We help you, not provide complete solutions like a Help Desk.

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As @Bruce_Osborne mentioned a proxy item and rule will work. He also gave a link that I encourage everyone to read thru. The more effort and info you provide will result in better and fast responses.

Most that are needing help with a rule can find a similar solution by searching the forum. I did a quick search and found a rule that may help with your situation. Note this example does not use a proxy item but it should be enough to get you started. Play around some and if you hit a snag post what you have, the error logs and we can try to help.


Dimmer Buero_Colortemp_Test "Büro Farbe" {channel="milight:rgbwwLed:98D86370BBAC:1:ledtemperature"}
Dimmer Buero_Colortemp_Alexa "Büro Farbe" {alexa="ColorTemperatureController.colorTemperatureInKelvin" [range="2700:6500"]


rule "Buero_Colortemp_Alexa Commands"
  Item Buero_Colortemp_Alexa received command
  Buero_Colortemp_Test.sendCommand(100 - receivedCommand as PercentType)

rule "Buero_Colortemp_Test Changes"
  Item Buero_Colortemp_Test changed
  Buero_Colortemp_Alexa.postUpdate(100 - Buero_Colortemp_Test.state as PercentType)

Thank you H102!
Running RPi 3b+, oH 2.4 Stable.
I also was having an issue and discovered this solution for my item which is an mqtt device. I would think this will work with zigbee and zwave.

  Switch Dining_Room_Light "Dining Room Lights" <light> (Dinner_Time) {channel="mqtt:topic:lightabc:XXXXXX", alexa="Switchable"}

Worked like a charm! I think you can add all of the alexa information in the channel.