Inverted Switches when item is in two groups

It is a good point worthy of discussion. Should the bottom of one set of instructions lead to the next logical step assuming the user is a new comer?

It isn’t a bad idea though we would have to add it to all the install tutorials, not just the Qnap one.

Or perhaps a link to the the root Tutorials page might be a better choice…

Yes maybe. I’ve done that in the actually. Check the Installation Intro page:

After the Installation is finished the user needs to do what he wants to do. Follow a tutorial, restore backups, Try the demo setup, browse around. I’m not against the idea and can see the benefits! I’m just saying we need to agree on the where and what.

You never know where people come from and how much they know about openHAB when they find the installation tutorial for a special platform on the Internet. So they shold not be “left alone” and have to search again to hopefully find the right place to go further. Especially as we do now have the situation, that the two versions of openHAB are absolutely different concerning the first start and that there are probably more information to find for 1.x on the internet than for 2.x. So this could be a bit frustrating for a newbee who does not know about that.

On the other Hand - it might be that I simply did not find it up to now - all tutorials for installations on special platforms should be linked from one central place at the beginning of the general manual, so that a newbee gets an easy overview and access when thinking about the right platform to use.

Okay, so what I’m getting from that is the following:

Do you agree @jlemmer @rlkoshak ?

I agree. That would work well to give newcomers a path through the docs.