IO Error Max Cube [solved and many thanks]

Hello OpenHab enthousiasts,

I’m extremely new to openhab and just started to implement my OpenHab version of my house.

My final goal is using a RPi as control centre but at the moment I’m setting things up on my Windows PC.

I’ve succesfully implemented weather forecast (based upon Yahoo), integrated my security cam (based on Motion Pie), retrieved time / day from the internet and are trying to fully implement my Max! binding.

I’ve setup the max!cube binding and are able to change the setpoint, read the actual and set temperature, valve position, battery status, etc. So my communication with the cube is up and running.

However (else I wouldn’t be posting a question): I continue to get ‘IO error occurred while connecting to MAX! Cube lan gateway’ errors.

I tried: exclusive mode and non exclusive mode (maxcube:exclusive=true / false in the openhab.cfg file), changed the refresh interval to 1000 (in stead of the default 10000) (maxcube:refreshInterval=1000), didn’t change the maxRequestsPerConnection.

Offcourse I can post my .items and .sitemap files, but didn’t think this was usefull at the moment.

Any help is appreciated!


the error you mentioned is logged on INFO level, right?
I can see the same whenever I change some temperature. The error is displayed because the binding currently doesn’t seem to know when the communication with the max!cube is finished. So it tries to read even though max!cube already closed the connection. The connection failure in this case should probably not be logged on INFO level, this is no actual issue with the communication.

So if everything works for you, it should be fine :smile:

Hi Dominic,

You are right (didn’t notice it before): the messages are on info level. However: they are often followed by a time out message. Then the connection is re-established.

What I notice is, that if I change the temperature setpoint rather quick in 0.5 degree steps (for ex: 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0) it can’t follow and strange things happen:

  • sometimes the IO errors occur
  • the temperature setpoint in OpenHab is another than displayed on the Thermostat and doesn’t sync anymore (off course not: openhab doesn’t send the new temperature setpoint anymore, since it has sent them and an error response came back). after a while openhab reads the thermostat setpoint and everything looks ok

Is this working as designed? (I wonder how many setpoint changes can be made during a second? how can I check that everything is processed properly?)

Best regards.


I am not sure if the connection handling between openhab and max!cube is just incorrectly implemented or if it’s just not possible any other way. I don’t see any reason (except for some issue in the binding implementation) why quick changes of the setpoint should not work, though.

As the binding has been completely rewritten for openHAB2, it could be difficult to find somebody who will look into these issues for openHAB1 :confused:, but you could open a ticket on github anyway…


Thx for your reaction. Since we all are waiting for the stable 2.0 release, I agree that solving any issues in 1.7 is not top priority. In the meantime I created some predefined setpoints which I can select. Hence changing from 21 (Celsius), downto 4.5 (turning off) is merely 1 push on a button (even easier than on the thermostat: which is fun) and this issue isn’t that big anymore.

Though the timeouts still occur, the trouble it causes has been minimized and I can live with it for the moment.

It isn’t solved, but ok for now.

The issue is with the oh1.x binding that sending commands can conflict with the regular update requests.
In OH2 version this piece is completely rewritten.

E.g if like in your example you would send several temp set commands it puts it in a queue. If it recognises that the earlier temp set had not been send yet, it will be superseded with the newer one.

These changes have not been ported to the oh1.x version. You could check if OH2 would work for you. Depending on your needed bindings it may be fine for you. For the maxcube binding there is quite a difference with the oh1.x version


Thx for your response. It confirms to me that I don’t put a lot of effort in the way its working right now. I have a ‘kind of’ nice setup, which suits me fine at the moment (it’s not ideal, but ok for now). As I am setting up everything, I stick to 1.7.1 at the moment (than I can be sure that any issue is probably not in openhab but due to my insufficient knowledge). If 2.0 comes around as a stable release, I will give it a shot (or when I am ready setting things up, whatever will be earlier).

On the other hand: good to know it’s a known issue that has been solved.

Best regards,