I am using openhab and iobroker. With openhab3 I have got the problem that the states in iobroker where are not actual. Only when I restart iobroker the states (items) showing the correct value. Also it is not possible from iobroker to change anything in openhab. Is there a switch ore something that can be the root cause of this problem ?

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Now running a combination of HA control systems can result in many many hard to analyze issues and isn’t recommended so you’re asking for something special and complex.
A 3-line description of your setup is way off what’s needed for anyone to help you. I suggest you rework your question, here’s a number of tips.
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Hello Markus,
thanks for your feedback.
In my opinion there must be a general problem as root cause because with openhab2.x the connections with iobroker works. In my opinion only 2 solutions

  1. openhab3 and iobroker do not work as good as in the past
  2. there is a wrong adjustment in openhab.

I think it is not necessary to go into a detail description because I think it must be a general problem.

That sort and depth of “analysis” and setup description does not enable anyone to help you and will get you nowhere.
Home Automation isn’t Lego type plug’n’play and software keeps evolving.
For sure a detailed description of your problem, both systems and the setup you use on both of them to interface with each other is required. Logfiles are needed, too.
As it’s you that wants us to help you, you should be providing it.

Ok you are wright.
But when It works with openhab2 in the same iobroker instance and with openhab3 not then it is for me like Lego that something has to work wrong. I didn’t change anything wether in openhab3 nor in openhab2 to get a correct connection to iobroker. I am not the profi in openhab, I only used it with (I am a Lego worker, but only working to instructions but also be my mind).
If there is no other possibility to get an answer I have to live with that openhab3 is not working in my application.
Thanks all.

How should we help you?
You didn’t told us who your communication is working between oh and IOBroker (mqtt?)
You also didn’t show us your item and thing (maybe also rule) definition.
Also there are no logs or anything other usefull.

Yes, maybe there is a problem on OH side, but with this less informations we cannot say what could couse this.

So please look at the link what Markus posted before and afterwards try to deliver some more informations, otherwise nobody will be able to help you.

  • connection with iobroker via openhab Instanz in iobroker
  • Item is a Dimmer Value from BuschJäger Free@home
    Metadata : autoupdate

UID: freeathome:dimmer:78d6b24cf2:test
label: Dimmer
thingTypeUID: freeathome:dimmer
dataPointIdValueUpdate: odp0001
dataPointIdSwitch: idp0000
dataPointIdValue: idp0002
dataPointIdSwitchUpdate: odp0000
dataPointIdFade: idp0001
deviceId: ABB70262D010
channelId: ch0000
bridgeUID: freeathome:bridge:78d6b24cf2

It’s not a question of how openHAB does communicate with the hardware, but how openHAB and ioBroker do communicate.

Hallo Udo,

yes that’s correct, but I have no idea how to see this protocol.

If you haven’t installed or configured anything at openhab side for communication to IOBroker then I would guess that IOBroker is reading the data via Rest API.

I’m not sure if there were some breaking changes on REST API between oh2 and oh3, but
Probably this has to be solved on iobroker side.

Hi Eric,

so you think the iobroker adapter is not configured to openhap3 ?
That could be the problem.

In fact, you are the only one who knows how IOBroker does the communication with openHAB2.

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