IOS 1.7.2 and Android 1.8.4 released

The IOS release contains many OH2 compatibility issues and bug fixes.

The Android release fixes a crash on sitemaps that did not contain a label as well as introducing Spanish language support.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to these projects, keep up the good work!


Thank YOU for your efforts improving the apps!

Excellent News !

Thanx developers :tada:

Great that the iOS app is being updated - I feared it was dead. Would be fantastic to have a fix for the distortion of image widgets -

After the last update an application crashes on IOS, when arriving notification message from OpenHab.

Could you fix this issue?

I see the same bug. Did you already enter an issue in the iOS issue tracker?

Dear Kai,
Thank you for your quick response
Not yet , can you navigate me how to do that ?

Register for a github account, navigate to

and click on “New issue”.
Then describe your problem and link to this thread for further reference.

The issue had been opened in Github

Strange I am not seeing this issue, I will take a look, thanks.

Found it, hopefully fixed it, now I need to push out.