iOS 10 just made openhab a lot easier to use

This is the home control in the new control center

Did you connect it to openHAB?

of course :slight_smile:

Great. When I saw the keynote yesterday, I wondered if it would work seamless with OH… sounds like you like it! :slight_smile:

Well, it still needs homekit-bridge to work. I’ve had it set up like this for a few months.

If on OH2, you can also use the HomeKit binding instead of needing the bridge. Similar idea though (I think just a bit more streamlined)

Yes, that’s clear with the bridge… I just tried the bridge out (on iOS9). Not bad!

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Still on 1.8, but planning to upgrade next month

Is there a dumb guys guide on how to setup the homekit bridge from wo to go?

In OH2, this is quite easy and explained here:

What I missed in the docs were two things:

  1. Is the item configuration a special one or the normal one? The latter is right and you have to add the homekit config, e.g. [ "Lighting" ] after the group.

  2. What to do on the iPhone? I found out you need any homekit compatible app. I chose the free Eve app by Elgato. And there openHAB is found and bound to homekit by doing a device search.


Is there a dumb guys guide on how to setup the homekit bridge from wo to go?

Yes. Just follow
Then create a flat sitemap where you just put all items, which you want to control with Siri, without grouping.
Finally install Intsteon+ or Eve app and follow the instructions.

The previous two answers show the main usage difference between using homebridge and the HomeKit plugin for OH2. Homebridge uses a dedicated sitemap, while the plugin uses item definitions. I’m not sure that either approach is inherently better than the other. Of course, homebridge requires additional setup because it is external software vs the plugin, but once you have it set up, you could also use it to bring in other things OpenHab may not support. They also support a slightly different set of accessories, but neither appears to support locks or garage doors yet.

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Really nice addition to OH ecosystem!
I was able to fully configure homebridge and now I’m going to test OH2 + Homekit plugin

Just a question: is not possible to launch any other item that is not a light, dimmer or similar? I mean, is possible to launch more complex bindings such as, for instance, a script?


Maybe hijacking this Thread wasn’t my best idea today :).

I created a new Thread for my specific problem: