IOS 2.1 Release and Project Update
Updated it so it asks you if it’s a Switch or Dimmer when adding. If you change the pre input Switch to Dimmer it will add an entry to the Menu were you can input a dimmer value.

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@JGKK I am stuck on iOS 12.1 for the moment and it won’t accept shortcuts from a later version

Any chance of you posting a couple of screenshots of that shortcut?

What if I need to send a command which is just a number and not a switch and not a dimmer ?

I think this is getting quite off topic for the purpose of this thread :see_no_evil: but you can send any command you want to the rest api. So you can just go into the shortcut and adapt the text blocks within the menu item to anything you need as those are the commands being send to Openhab and than rename the menu entries accordingly

As already suggested in the Github project.
It would be really cool to let the iOS app send device data to openHAB.
Like the battery status/level and location.

I thought this might be interesting as we had the siri shortcut discussion here. @Lucas just posted a great tutorial on how to make shortcuts work outside of your own network:
Sending commands to REST API via Siri Shortcuts whilst outside of LAN

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I can confirm that the dynamic mapping issue is also fixed for the Squeezebox binding when using the latest 2.2.47 on TestFlight.

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Has anyone implemented a habpanel link yet???

What should a link to the Habpanel within the native app be good for?

So you can get to Habpanel using the app and not have to open a browser and stuff around entering a username and password then navigating to get to the UI.

I don’t really get why you want a link in the app for it. I think a static link with an embedded web browser is not so hard to implement, but the experience will not be the best…
I think the main idea for HABPanel is to use it on wall-mounted “dashboards” or any other tablet at home for easier and much nicer looking control.

I’m sure many others like me would like to use one app to access it remotely. Its on Android.

What can you do in Habpanel that you can’t do in the native app? I really don’t understand the meaning. Habpanel is really good for touchscreens on the wall, but doesn’t that make sense in a native app?

Habpanel is a far more pleasing UI to use, graphically nicer with far more flexibility to do all sorts of things with custom java, that’s why. Not every one wants to use Sitemaps to be honest, they look pretty average. Look at what all the UI’s are doing for the top end systems - Habpanel is the only one that comes close.

Okay… but here is the iOS App … not a happanel App?

Did you go to Toyota and tell them that Ferrai is the One and Only?

I think you don‘t understand that openhab is a Project of many developer… The iOS App and Habpanel are two different things. The Android App is not the same as the iOS App.

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:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I understand very well what openhab is thank you Kevin. What you don’t understand is that SOME people have a desire to use the IOS app to access HabPanel , maybe you don’t.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

This totally useless in context of the iOS app as @ei_Gelb_Geek clearly explains. What you would need to make is a habpanel “webview” wrapper app.

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@dastrix80 I’ve seen your feature request on GitHub. Wouldn’t a bookmark added to the home screen accomplish pretty much the same thing?

I’m not using HabPanel myself, so maybe I’m missing the point…

hi weakfl, absolutely that would do. Just SOME ability to open HabPanel in the app, that’s all. Fairly easy request, if I knew how to write code I’d do it myself and offer it.

if the Android app has it, I dont see why its such an issue to have it in IOS.

Useless to you. wrapper, bookmark, link whatever - how its done is irrelevant to a user.