iOS App 2.0.2 - Values not visible when label is too long

Hello community,

I am using the iOS app which is very fast - what I like - but has one major issue:
When having defined long labels in the sitemap, then the values or part of the values are not visible.

Here is a screenshot of my sitemap in the iOS app view:

You can see the following cases:

  • partly visible value (e.g. without unit): Außentemperatur (BT1)
  • invisible value: Berechnete Vorlauftemperat…
  • fully visible value: Gradminuten

For me it would be fine if only the label gets truncated, but the value and its unit should always be visible.

Has anyone an idea, if this is some kind of configurable?


Hey community,
I just figured out, that the display of the values and the truncating of the labels is correct when I turn the iphone to landscape and then back to portrait mode.

Maybe this helps when optimizing the app?!


Some kind of similar problem is that if you have to many ‘mappings’ to any item, itt will truncate all mapped button labels just to 3 dots (…), so you can’t really tell which button is which…