iOS app causes error while in use

This might be a little vague, but has anyone else experienced a huge error log dump via the console when using the openhab iOS app?

This is the error:

20:50:21.124 [ERROR] [.internal.JSONResponseExceptionMapper] - Unexpected exception occurred while processing REST request.

Followed by about 50 lines of exception data.

This happens on opening the sitemap, navigating through the pages, etc. Although the actual functionality of the sitemap works fine, it’s just the constant error logging that is annoying, it literally fills 2 screens.

If I don’t use the app, all is well, and the sitemap opens in my browser just fine.

Is there something obvious that I have not enabled or changed?

Many thanks.


PS. I just deleted and reinstalled the app, no change.

I have probably the same issue.
Using the iOS App causes rest Error while accessing the Sitemap.
Especially if I have rrd4j graph embedded.
iOS 15.4.1, App 2.4.46, OH 3.2