iOS App doesn't change from local to remote URL

My iOS App never changes from my WiFi network to cellular data when I leave home unless I manually close the App and restart it after my phone has swapped onto Cellular. Going the other way seems to work OK.
Is there a workaround for this other than closing the App? I have both local and remote URL’s in place. The local one is in the form of HTTP://192.168.x.x:8080, the remote URL is in the form of HTTPS://MyRemoteDomainName:Port

The remote port is different from the local port.

iOS App V1.7.1
Openhab V1.8.0

would love to have a solution for this.

You do not have to manually close the app and restart. It’s enough to choose “settings” and then “save” to switch from local to remote (and vice versa).

Switch from remote to local (at least for me) is only “ok” because the app stays with the remote mode, even if I am in my wifi. So no automatic switch this way either. But functional wise it’s working.

Nevertheless I’d also like to have some kind of automatic switch (in both ways). Other smart home manufacturer could do this with their apps :wink:

@Kai: Is there a maintainer for the iOS app? I’ve seen that the app wasn’t updated for a long time…

I do worry about the current lack of development of the iOS app - as well as this problem, there are a number of other quirks, and there must be a significant risk an iOS update will at some point break the app altogether. Not good for the prospects of wider adoption of openHAB.