iOS App Fails to connect (sitemap error) with OpenHab 1.8.3

So, yes I am still using 1.8.3 (it works, and haven’t spent the time to convert over).
With the latest iOS app update (2.4.0) the app fails to connect saying Openhab returned an empty sitemap list.

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It sounds like it quit working like you want and it is time to upgrade just before OH3 is released.

You cannot expect the developers to have backward compatibility that far back. Commercial software does not even do that.

Just to double check: your sitemap file still exists, and is not empty?

Hi All,
i have the same issue. since IOS update 2.4, Openhabe 1.8.3 stopped to work with failure menteioned by del007.
any sugestions on help appreciated

FTR, this is tracked as

SiteMap file exits (hasn’t changed). BTW I can see openhab on a webrowser, so I know the sitemap didn’t get mucked with.

the same here. no changes on the server (1.8.3), sitemap file exists, webbrowser works fine. The app fails since update to 2.4.0

There have been huge changes since 1.8.3 and we expect version 3 Milestones next month. Apple does not support OS versions as old as OH 1.8.3 and you should not expect OH app support for a version that old. OH 3 does not even directly support any of the version 1 bindings you are currently using.

Perhaps your best option would be to try migrating to a clean install of OH 3 Milestone next month or, at a minimum migrate to the latest OH 2.5.x.

According to githup ticket the isse should be solved by app version 2.4.1

Any news about the version 2.4.1.
Due top automatic update, I can’t manage my Home automation environment from my IPAD and IPHONE anymore, this is very embarrassing isn’t it.