iOS app for OH2

Is it possible to use OH2 with the ios app already available for OH1?

Yes - it works fine.

Same for the Android app!

works okay would be the right word.

- Items with valuecolor don’t display the right color. Only switching between black and blue, even if there are more colors like:

- Items with dynamic icons only working if they match the exact value:
Using <heating> displays only “on” or “off” but not steps between that. Only if the value exactly matches an icon thats really in the database like heating-80 (is displayed if the value is exactly 80). But the value mismatching like 65, then it only display “on” instead of heating-60 (i thing it always should use the possible value: Value 65, icon heating-60 / Value 34, icon heating-20.

All that works finde if i’am using the designer or browser to display it. But not with the iOS App

The Browser-Version of Basic-UI looks quit nice, but having a nativ app would be even cooler. Because things like swiping aren’t possible with the browser version.

Is there something in the pipeline?



I’m not sure about the icons, or the Android app, but the IOS app will accept and use HTML / Hex RGB color codes for colors. For example, using “#ff0000” instead of “red” will produce the desired result. I think the HTML color codes can be used by the Classic and Basic UIs as well.



Not my opinion. First hour, everything fine. Bute afterwards only the standart sitemap from Paper UI works. My sitemap is not found…connecting to local url -> Error Request failedinternsl server error (500). on windows PC everything (nearly) works fine. Classic and Basic work with my sitemap. Paper UI shows only items, but no item is selectable…

Hi, maybe a bug in ios app - Switch item showing OFF (wrong), but in Classic UI is ON (right).
And if switch on this item in ios app (in classic ui it alredy ON), it switch off by youself (but this not produce OFF command)