IP-Camera on sitemap and openHAB App (iPhone)

Hello all,

i have a strange issue with IP-Cameras on my openHAB2 system.
I added 3 IP-Cams to my sitemap. All three work perfectly fine when opening the sitemap in a browser.

BUT, if I use the openHAB App on my iPhone, only the FIRST IP Camera works fine. The two other do not show any picture at all.
Only difference. The two IP-Cams which do not work via the App have a username/password in the URL.

Anyone seen this problem?

just added a 4th IP-Cam without username/password in the URL.
Same issue. Works fine in sitemap via browser, but NOT via openHAB App.

Yes I have seen this and it is because of embedded credentials. See this link and read about browsers not
Supporting EC there is a good article linked.

The solution is to use the IpCamera binding and you will find of lot of info in its readme file even if you do not wish to use the binding.