IP camera recommendation UK ONLY please

Can UK members please recommend an IP camera , that they are actually using and is accessible via http so that i can implement a WebView item in OH (many cameras use proprietary apps and they do not stream to the local LAN IP/port

May i ask, PLEASE, NOT for recommendations, but for cameras you actually use,now, and have experience with. please.

thankfully yours

I’m not in the UK but I can offer some information that will make your search easier. You want to look for cameras that support RSTP, ONVIF, and/or MPEG streaming.

And if you will have more than a couple, you will probably want to look into using special purpose software like ZoneMinder, Shinobi, or Blue Iris to manage the cameras and then integrate OH with that instead of with the cameras directly.

In general, there’s a lot more you will want to do with a camera than can be done in OH alone.

Definitely search the forum for information on the IP camera binding.

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I don’t at present have IP cameras in my setup, but currently looking at various options. My present setup is using analog cameras attached to a DVR unit. I then use ZoneMinder to manage all of the cameras. Sadly the binding for ZoneMinder on OH doesn’t seem to work with version 1.32.3, which is the latest stable version.

The DVR provides two feeds, a Hi Res and a Low Res. Both output using RSTP, which is how ZoneMinder connects.

I went down this route as IP cameras were very expensive at the time and not very common. But now the cameras are at a reasonable price point I’m now looking to change my entire system over to IP cameras. It also means I can add more cameras, presently I have 8 cameras in and around my home.

Although it’s not maintained any longer a great source to obtain camera access information is here.

thanks Ritch… most educational. I’ve never heard of RSTP until now and have found a few candidates that expose a stream to a url//port.

there’s lots of cameras with dedicated apps for viewing but that’s not what i want. the RSTP ones does it for me

I went for these @Maximo @rlkoshak

[D-Link DCS-8000vLH/B Mini CCTV IP camera](D Link Camera DCS https://g.co/kgs/52j6UH

They expose various config items plus a sound and a video stream. althogh not RTSP, they can be viewed/heard via VLC.

i bought 3off and very happy with.them. Im just playing at the moment, to get the inbuilt motion sensor to trigger pushbullet via OH

£23 each using a voucher code.