IP camera stream in sitemap

I am new comer to OpenHAB and so far I am super excited about it. I will learn and play around with things but there is something of the more advanced topic but I need to implement this ASAP (because of the dog ruining my apartment), so need some help from you.

I have 4 motionEyeOS cameras on raspberry pi around my home streaming video. I would like to embed those streams in my sitemap with few buttons underneath, something like this

I have read this wiki page and can see that this can be done but not sure how. I see some html there (I am not good with html), does this mean it is possible to embed html code in sitemap?

Any help and explanation will be much appreciated.


if you’re using the iphone app then I believe this isn’t possible because you can’t embed streaming video. If you can setup the cameras to stream jpg frames then you can embed this (using the ‘refresh’ tag) albeit it’s a bit buggy in openhab 1 and will often require you to manually refresh the page before you can see it.

Hi Patryk,
have a look here:


Thanks. Most definitely this is step in right direction. Now I need to figure out how to fit 4 and more camera views side by side

I actually have camera streams in my openhab 1.8.1 sitemap, but I only get the actual live camera stream if I view it through a webpage on my cell and not the phone app (use port forward to connect to my home router), or if I am at home on my wifi network. I also have the MotionEye server set up so I can access all the camera views from my cell phone (also port forwarded).
I have not played around with MotionEye too much, but I would like to learn more as to how to change camera position with it and activate motion, so I will be watching this thread to see if anyone else replies, I like the layout of the file you shared!

Good Luck!


If I am not totally wrong about this I think I know how setup as on picture was achieved.
This layout was not done in OpenHAB at all. This person is running some sort of web software (probably provided by manufacturer with the ip camera), and “webview” option in openHAB with link pointing out to this website. So it is more like website in a website. I have achieved the same with zonminder.

Now, as I would like to get rid of zonminder at all I plan to host very simple and basic webpage with those video streams and embed this in to openHAB using “webview”.

Can someone confirm that this is true? I have a Foscam cam that I’m able to view in the openHab ui from a browser (locally and remotely), and can see the stream from Chrome on IOS, but not from the openHab IOS app. Is it not possible to see via the app?

Well, turns out using the method described in the wiki below, the camera works in the IOS app (and in browsers as well). Needed to created the webpages as described, and hosted them on my webserver. Would not work if trying to embed the video item directly into the sitemap though.