iPad app failing to connect locally after Java update


Almost immediately after updating Java to 1.8.0_u101 to get the my.openHAB certificates working again my iPad app has failed. The app error report is “request failed unauthorized (401)”. This is when trying to access the local url. It still autodiscovers the local url but gives the same error even if I enter it manually. Openhab.log shows multiple “[.io.net.http.SecureHttpContext] - authInfos ‘:’ must contain two elements separated by a colon” warnings.

I tried reiinstalling the app on the iPad. No help.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Hmmm. Noob user error! At some point in the past I had entered a user name and password in the users.cfg file. As soon as I realized that the user name and password fields in the app settings applied to both local and remote URLs, and made them the same, all was good!