iPad as audio sink

Hi guys,

i am planning on building a little HABPanel with an iPad. I have some questions here.

  1. I cannot get the audio working in the iPad. When i open the HABPanel in a browser (tried chrome and safari) the .mp3s from my rules are not played back. However, it works on my windows machine very well. It also works with my android phone and the openhab App (also in HABPanel mode). Does anybody use the iPad app successfully?

  2. How do i have to configure my iPad so it can play the sounds with the screen off? Tested on android, as soon as i turn off my phone, ofc. the HABPanel stops working, too.

3, What is an affordable alternative? I just want to get some audio notifications played back and i dont want to use the headphone jack of the OH-Pi. Maybe another OH-Remote-Pi and a speaker?

Thanks, guys!

You have to activate webaudio additionally in MainUI’s settings (menu “about” - then scroll to the bottom).
I also use active loudspeaker via jackphone output. Works perfectly…

Hi, i don not have this option in MainUI. I am on OH 3.2.0.
Also, the webaudio works fine in Android App and Windows (Browser). Only iPad is silent for now.

Did you try to scroll down on the “About” page?

Maybe i am totally wrong, but there is no webaudio option in MainUi.
I clicked on „Help and about“ in MainUi. All i can see is the build numer, themes, misc and reload.

Also, the webaudio seems to work allready. Tested with an android phone via chrome browser and two windows PCs on chrome.
Only the iPad remains silent. Strange, isn`t it?

Also i have one more problem. After a while, my windows laptop seems to go to sleep and the webaudio is not playing back. Even after disabling standby. It should only turn off its screen. Is there any solution for this?

I re-read your initial post. Do you plan to create a habpanel-like page in the new MainUI or do you want to use habpanel GUI?
If you plant to use MainUI, please update first as webaudio was introduced not long ago.

Hi, yes i want to create a wallpanel with HABpanel Ui. And i thought, my old iPad should be good for that;)

I can confirm that webaudio works with habpanel on iPad as I had the same in the past.
In case of disconnects from your PC try using https. Maybe that also solves the issue with your iPad.

But why did you choose the old habpanel and not MainUI?


Https didnt help with the iPad. Just to make sure i am right: I accessed OH via https://IP:8443 on my ipad (chrome). Then i opened the HABPanel UI via the sidemenu.
Still, it is mute, while on my windows PC i can hear the sounds.
I even tested it via the OH app on iOS, still nothing.

I have no clue, sadly ;(

I chose HAB Panel by accident (didnt know anything). For now i will try to get it to work and then explore further :wink:

Webaudio uses SSE connection and the total amount of SSE connection is limited to 5, I think. As other resources also require SSE it mght be worth trying to close connections from other devices first (just for testing purposes) and see what’s happening. Otherwise I have no other idea.

Ireally recommend to switch to MainUI