Ipcamera Binding, or other way to include cameras from Synology Survaillance station?


I have to Reolink cameras. Both are set up in my Synology Survaillance Station. I would now like to include images of those cameras on openHAB. What’s the way to go here? Should I just use the ipcamera binding and set up those cameras with ONVIF (so those cameras would be communicating with both Synology Surv. Station and openHAB?), or is there a better way to include the streams that are already available in the Survaillance Station in oopenHAB?

Setting up the cameras on both systems feels like it might be somewhat redundant? And maybe there is a way to keep the openHAB Raspberry Pi from doing a lot of rendering itself if the Synology device can do that…

Have you checked this binding?

I saw that, but somehow dismissed it. Not sure why. I will take a look. Thank you!

That binding does work, it gives me items with the stream URLs, for example an mjpeg-via-http stream URL like this:


Not sure how to get that into the page and open up in a popup window when clicking on the snapshot image an a Page. I’m still so new to this new openHAB 3 UI and have not really understood it, I guess :slight_smile:

If you have the latest milestone it is easier as a widget is in the marketplace. Otherwise search this forum for clickable camera image and the widget can be cut and pasted across into a new widget. The widget needs a layout page so you can create a new layout page or use the overview page that already exists.

Thanks. I was using that clickable camera widget with the ipcamera binding before, and then tried it with the URLs that I got with the Synology Surveillance Station binding. The snapshot seems to be working, but the stream does not:

This is how I set up the widget:

I think I now understand why the stream doesn’t work:

The stream is from a different server, which is not allowed. Not totally sure how/where to “fix” that, on the Synology or the openHAB site, if that’s even possible.

If you proxy the stream through nginx you can remove or change the CORS headers. Or the easier method, just use the ipcamera binding as that will proxy it through the 8080 server openHAB has built in.