Ipcamera binding with onvif reolink camera freezes every 4 minutes


I use OH 3.4 and did configure a reolink rlc-823a camera with the ipcamera binding and onvif.
I got the picture which is working fine for 4 minutes. Then the picture freezes for 10 seconds and reloads the page then and works fine for the next 4 minutes.

In openhab.log I find this warning messages every time when the picture is freezing:
[WARN ] [amera.internal.onvif.OnvifConnection] - Binding could not determin the cameras current PTZ location. Not all cameras respond to GetStatus requests.

PTZ is activated for the Reolink camera in the Reolink software.

“Use Continuos PTZ” is disabled in the OH thing configuration for the device.

How can I fix this issue?