Ipcamera with rtsp ffmpeg error while decoding

I have a problem with my Openhab IPCameraBinding and need urgent help.

I activated the log as in the instructions for the binding:

log:set TRACE org.openhab.binding.ipcamera

My IPCamea is a eufy outdoor camera

The following error message appears in the log:

2022-05-30 16:35:36.030 [DEBUG] [amera.internal.servlet.CameraServlet] - Now there are 2 ipcamera.mjpeg streams open.
2022-05-30 16:35:36.663 [DEBUG] [amera.internal.servlet.CameraServlet] - GET:/ipcamera.mjpeg, received from
2022-05-30 16:35:37.493 [DEBUG] [amera.internal.servlet.CameraServlet] - Now there are 2 ipcamera.mjpeg streams open.
2022-05-30 16:35:37.530 [DEBUG] [hab.binding.ipcamera.internal.Ffmpeg] - [h264 @ 0x1963ce0] cabac decode of qscale diff failed at 84 62
2022-05-30 16:35:37.530 [DEBUG] [hab.binding.ipcamera.internal.Ffmpeg] - [h264 @ 0x1963ce0] error while decoding MB 84 62, bytestream -7
2022-05-30 16:35:37.547 [DEBUG] [hab.binding.ipcamera.internal.Ffmpeg] - rtsp://user:passwd@ corrupt decoded frame in stream 0
2022-05-30 16:35:37.661 [DEBUG] [amera.internal.servlet.CameraServlet] - GET:/ipcamera.mjpeg, received from
2022-05-30 16:35:38.654 [DEBUG] [amera.internal.servlet.CameraServlet] - GET:/ipcamera.mjpeg, received from
2022-05-30 16:35:39.655 [DEBUG] [amera.internal.servlet.CameraServlet] - GET:/ipcamera.mjpeg, received from
2022-05-30 16:35:40.655 [DEBUG] [amera.internal.servlet.CameraServlet] - GET:/ipcamera.mjpeg, received from

My thing is set as follows:

The problem is that my WebUIs then crash as soon as the error occurs. Openhab continues to run. Everything works fine at the beginning and then after about 10-50 minutes the error occurs

My Setup:
rpi4 with 4GB
openHAB 3.3.0.M5 (I habe the same problem with openHAB 3.3.0) run in Docker

can someone help me? I just do not know how to go on