Iphone app

I need some help.
I have installed openhab on my iphone 12, ios 14.7.1.
It seem like “settings” is the only working part on my app.
When i choose “sitemap” I get white screen with “sitemap” in left upper corner.
When I’m going back from “settings”, I get only white screen.
Even in DEMO mode, the rest of the app is just a white screen.
I have tried the same with a android phone, and it looks to work perfect.
Have also tied another iphone with same white screen.
I’m i doing something wrong, or is this a app-issue?

Please post a screenshot of your app settings and the sitemap you want to use.

I have deleted the app, and reinstalled.
This is how it looks in Demo. It was the same when I tried to log on.
Seems like a bug to me.
The app looks perfect on android phones.
Does anyone have a Iphone without the app installed, so they can try to install?

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