iPhone Locator Binding

Cool, 1.8 is great!

Any update on this?


@sipvoip Hello again! How’s progress?

@sipvoip Hi! Kindly what is on your way locating iPhone?

My programmer ended up being tied up with work and said he did not have the opportunity to work on it. Know of any OpenHab programmers for hire?

Unfortunately, I have no OpenHab programmers around me (

Found a new Java programmer, hope to have something soon.

Great to hear! Wish you luck!

Hello, friend! How are you! How is the progress?

Did anything ever happen with this binding? Would be great to know before i go down the owntracks path.

Any news ?


Hi all,

please have a look here - that’s were we discuss a new iCloud integration binding (and also test versions are available):

Binding pull request:

with kind regards,