iPhone not registered as device

I do have an issue with my.openhab and getting my iPhone (6, softw.8.4) registered as device.
With my iPad mini I do not have any problem to register. Also sending messages is working well.

In the log files i do see the my.openhab is working as it should otherwise it can not work with my iPad.
So no errors in the log.

What can I do?

I would like to receive notifications when Openhab is offline.

I also removed the UUID and secret. I have retyped the credentials in the iPhone app. But no luck.
Finally I removed the app and reinstalled it. Again no luck.

The last time I read about that problem in this forum the URL was wrong: http:// instead of https://
Maybe you should take a look there …

I read the same topic but I use the https.
So it should work.

Are you able to connect to your openHAB remotely through my.openHAB from you iPhone?

Yes I am.
I had to remove the last / from the remote url. :grin:

Ouch. I used equalsTo instead of hasPrefix in URL comparison. Fixed this, in next app version nobody will fall to this pit again. Thanks for reporting that!

Now I am really surprised: I have the last “/” in my remote URL too and it’s working fine with that.
But I use the Android App, is there a difference?

I use the iPhone app. Maybe that is the difference.

Similar issue here.
Registered with iPhone 4s and an Android phone without issues.
With iPhone 6, the OpenHAB app works fine (able to see and control items remotely), but the device does not show up in my.openhab.org.
Tried with a separate User and with the Admin user, both authenticate and function fine, but no device registered and hence cannot send notifications to this device.

How to further debug this?

Reinstalled the app on the iPhone6, and now it is working fine! It shows up in Devices.