Iris by Lowes ceasing operations on 3/31/19 - any Iris user moved to OpenHab?

As subject says - Iris by Lowes is ceasing operation by (3/31/19) 31st March 2019. Supposedly they will “open source” their software. Who knows when that will happen…

Anyway - has anyone used OpenHab to connect Iris devices? Window/Door sensors are mostly Gen1, hub and keyboard are Gen2. Have a couple of Zigbee fire alarms that connect with the Gen2 Iris hub.

If so - can you respond with some of what you used? I’ve got more RPis than I can count - a V2, V3, V3+ Pi Zero W’s… So - I’d be interested in an Rpi setup. I just started playing with some hacked Dafang/Wyze security cameras, and connecting them to Apple Homebridge - some stuff working, some not just yet, but I’ve only messed with it a couple of hours or so.

Please post your setup, what Iris equipment works, what doesn’t, etc. Thanks!

thread here already started discussion

I’m working on it now… let’s see how it goes. I’ve gotten the Pi up and running with z wave stick. Having issues seeing devices yet. They should work…

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Any luck yet ? Most of the devices that they say wouldn’t work on a different platform are zigbee… lucky that they will refund for all those …

I have a few WiFi plugs as well - which will work even without a hub - trying to see if I can reverse engineer those APIs…

What devices are these? If they are standard ZigBee, then they should work with openHAB?

Motion sensors, door sensors , keypad etc… they claim it uses zigbee - but customized to a point where it wouldn’t work with other hubs …

From what I’ve read online, that’s possibly not the case.

All “second gen” (made by CentraLite) and “third gen” (made by Great Star) devices (except the WiFi plugs) are fully compliant ZHA 1.2, so they’ll work with anything that has proper ZHA support, including SmartThings and the zha component in Home Assistant. There are a few Iris devices that aren’t any “gen” (e.g. cameras) and you have to go case-by-case with those.

The CentraLite devices have model numbers in the form of “3xxx-L(x)” and the Great Star devices are “(G/I)L0x-1”.


  • Contact sensor 3320-L: Small and cheap. Temperature sensor.
  • Contact sensor IL06-1: Basically the same as the 3320-L but better build quality/QC.
  • Motion sensor 3326-L: Tiny! Very short timeout (30 seconds). Temperature sensor.
  • Motion sensor IL07-1: As if the timeout wasn’t already short enough, they’ve now whittled it down to somewhere in the ballpark of 15 seconds. Temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Smart plug IL03-1: Convenient form factor; I’d like to see you fit two of any other Zigbee plug into the same receptacle. Also does power monitoring. Temperature sensor, but it gets badly skewed by power draw – can’t rely on it.

Don’t bother:

  • AlertMe “first gen” devices: Proprietary Zigbee profile that has not been REd at all. There’s no way to make them talk to anything other than an Iris hub.
  • Keypads: If there’s a ZHA standard for security keypads, nobody seems to implement it. SmartThings people have gotten the CentraLite keypad working, but it seems like an awful lot of effort to avoid using your system’s own keypad.
  • Garage door controller: Just a rebadged Linear/Nortek controller. Might as well go to the source, unless you find a good deal somewhere.
  • Smart plug 3210-L/L2: Z-Wave repeater has abysmal reception, which strips the plug of its only strength. You’re better off with the GE Zigbee plugs unless you find a good deal.
  • Smart button 3460-L: Battery contacts are poorly designed and tend to not make good contact, which makes them unreliable.
  • Smart fob 3450-L/L2 / Care pendant 3455-L: Battery contacts are hilariously under-engineered and will usually just break off. Trash.
  • Cameras: The “Swann camera” is hardcoded to phone home directly to the Iris platform, and no known hacks/CFW exist. The other cameras are off-the-shelf Sercomm models with special firmware. Substandard quality, and even if you want them, you’re better off getting the generic version instead of trying to hack into the custom firmware.
  • WiFi plugs: same deal as the “Swann camera”.

I think I’m starting to find that out. So far I can’'t get anything to register in OpenHAB. I’ve tried 4-5 devices and even they have the Z Wave label didn’t see them. I know my Z Wave USB is working as least the green check mark in OpenHAB. The log shows the scan for devices. It’s been fun!

Are you sure they are ZWave devices then?

It seems that many use ZigBee - not ZWave.

I’ve own both of these motion sensors. They both use Zigbee

The little 3326-L reported temperature and motion and worked well in openHAB for about six months then just went offline. I think the battery died.

The IL07-1 reported temperature and battery voltage but never would report motion. I ran the binding in debug mode for a few days and could see voltage and temp being reported in the log but not motion. I returned it for a full refund.

Sometimes, devices like this send strange reports. For example the latest SmartThings motion sensors send the flood alarm report rather than the motion alarm! Maybe this device does something strange - the network XML file would likely show this.

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I have a smart things button that reports one click as flood alarm on, two clicks flood alarm off
here is thread

I put binding in debug mode and let run for two days. Looked at logs in viewer in your website (nice) and watched all reported channels. Still have logs. maybe xml
here is thread - specific post -

Thanks Chris… your zwave and zigbee bindings are AWESOME!!!:+1:

Hey Sunish,

Curious if you ever got your Iris WiFi plugs working? I had bought some for my parents and they’ve been bricks since Lowe’s shut off service. I would love to get them working again.


Apologies for replying to such an old post. You recommend the Smart plug IL03-1 here. I’ve come across a few, but am unable to bind then to my generic cc2531 stick I’m using as a coordinator.

Do you have any pointers to get me going on the right direction? I do have several Zigbee light bulbs working fine, so I believe the rest of the system is working.