iRobot current room state

I have a Roomba i7 and a Braava Jet M6
Sometimes they are cleaning certain spots when the sun is set.
Because they are using cameras for navigation, i would like to turn some lights in specific rooms on, the moment they are cleaning this room in the dark.
Is there any Channel or any way to get the room they are currently cleaning in?

My Roomba cleans in front of my cats litter boxes every evening at 8PM. Especially in winter its dark outside and the roomba cant see anything. I would like to turn the lights in my bathroom on, the moment it cleans this room.

Currently i have a rule, which does exactly that. But it relies on the time, of the Sunset-Astro Channel and the current state of the robot (clean or stop)

If i am cleaning another room at exactly that time (which is not likely to happen), the lights in this room still turns on, as openhab does not know which room the robot is currently in.

I have not found an answer in the iRobot binding that shows me the current room. I am also happy with the room name some sort of encrypted like “5416dsa5115s6da” or something like that.

rule "iRobot: light on, when roomba vacuums"
    Item iRobot_Roombai7 changed
    if (newState == "clean" && day.state == "night" && (now.hour == 19 || now.hour == 20) && (now.minute <= 5 || now.minute >= 55)) {
        logInfo("iRobot", "lights on")
    else if (newState == "stop" && light.state == ON && day.state == "night" && (now.hour < 21 && now.hour > 20 && now.minute < 30)) {
        logInfo("iRobot", "lights off")

Its a rule i am not proud of…

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